David's Bridal Launches Contactless Loyalty Program

It’s no surprise that today’s customers love loyalty programs. For decades, loyalty membership has been an effective way to encourage engagement, drive repeat purchases, and foster relationships between brand and customer. But what can today’s retailers do to make their loyalty programs better? 

In a COVID-19 world, retailers must keep their shopper’s needs top of mind. Leading bridal and special occasion retailer, David’s Bridal, has implemented this concept into their debut Diamond Loyalty Program. Within just days of the program launch, thousands of shoppers had already signed up. 

David's Bridal Launches Contactless Loyalty Program

The Diamond’s program features four different levels, each offering different gifts and offers:

  • Welcome (0 – 2,999 points) 
  • Shimmer (3,000 – 3,999) 
  • Shine (4,000 – 4,999) 
  • Sparkle (5,000+) 

David’s Bridal has chosen to reward their brides with free gifts at every level through their exclusive partners, which include The Ritz-Carlton Spa, The Spa at the St. Regis Hotel, Marriott Spa Hotels, Heavenly Spa at the Westin, just to name a few. 

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The ultimate reward through Diamond Loyalty is a honeymoon for two. 

While the Popwallet team cannot take credit for the honeymoon trip offering, we can take credit for the contactless communications to emphasize that message and the capabilities behind delivering personalized offerings directly to the bride’s smartphone.

So what makes their program so great? DB (2)

No Touch Necessary

Say goodbye to handling paper or plastic. Contactless options are a must-have for in-store shoppers. According to David’s Bridal’s Chief Marketing and IT Officer Kelly Cook, the program aims to reward brides for their purchases and deliver those rewards in a contactless way that meets the demands consumers are expressing in our “new normal” brought upon by the pandemic.  

The backbone of the Diamond’s program is the ability to do away with ineffective messaging and offerings such as printed promotions and coupons, and deliver personalized deals through the bride’s smartphone.

Convenience is King

Speaking of smartphones, everyone’s got one at the tips of their fingers, making it the most effective and convenient channel by which brands can communicate with loyalty members. 

“We are always looking for new and innovative tools to connect with her and Popwallet allows us to deliver contactless consumer experiences and engage with her on a new channel, in a new way,” said Cook.

“So, no more printed signs or coupons that could be lost, we can now serve her the outstanding offers and deals she deserves directly to her smartphone.” 

The mobile wallet loyalty program allows for communication based on time, location, or any other event, providing the option to send notifications directly to member’s phones. This is especially handy to communicate new offers, drive engagement, reward with perks, and encourage in-store visits. 

Community Among Members

Community-based loyalty programs include options for users to share the program with their friends and family. Shoppers want to feel like they’re part of a club, where they can share exclusive experiences with other members of the loyalty program. 

Once a bride signs up, she is welcomed with various coupons which can be utilized and shared with friends and family via text or email immediately from her phone. Brides can also download a complimentary designed insert to be included in wedding invitations, which enables wedding guests to help the bride earn additional diamond points. Similarly, brides can earn additional points when they share their diamond number (phone number) with friends and family who shop for their wedding needs.

Create an Amazing Loyalty Program

With Popwallet, brands and retailers can create a stellar loyalty program just like this one. Your brand can reach your shoppers on mobile with relevant messaging and exclusive member perks to increase engagement, build brand affinity, and drive sales. 

That’s why there’s Poployalty Express: a fully hosted loyalty engine with the mobile wallet as its centerpiece. Offer contactless enrollment, convenient usage and redemption, effective communication, and a sense of community among your most loyal shoppers—all with the power of the mobile wallet. (Get the full scoop from our guide: Reimagining Loyalty in 2021.)


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